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Welcome to SäkerhetsBranschen

SäkerhetsBranschen (The Security Industry) is a Swedish trade association for security companies with approximately 440 members. The members combined employ 33,000 people and have an annual turnover of 57 billion Swedish kronor.

The association’s goals and activities are decided at the general meeting and are carried out by the board, the section groups and a secretariat with its own staff.


Main purpose and task

 SäkerhetsBranschen offers a platform where actors in the security industry together can address and highlight central security issues to create a safer and more secure Sweden.

The association’s main task is to uphold good quality and high knowledge in the security industry, and to make sure that the members of the association act responsibly.

The main aim of the association is to promote more and better business for member companies and their clients.


Areas of focus

 Formation of opinion

- Highlight and pursue issues that are of importance to the member companies


Member services

- Participate in the development of laws and regulations for the security industry

- Develop standards and framework agreements

- Gather unique industry statistics



- Networking activities

- Gatherings and meetings for member companies

- Skills development